The Fair 2015 Prizes Catalog
The Fair 2014 Catalog Icon

The catalog's icon
Date released May 20, 2015
Available? No
Update frequency Yes, (daily)
Items sold Clothing, Puffle Hats, Transformations
Where found Park Entrance, party icon

The Fair 2015 Prizes Catalog was the main party catalog in The Fair 2015. It was accessible by clicking a ticket icon on the upper-right corner of the screen, and could also be accessed from a dedicated booth at the Park Entrance. The catalog included a number of items and transformations, which could be bought or used using tickets.


Page Item Type Price (tickets) Available from Member item Image
1 Shadow Guy Reboot Body Item 300 May 20 Yes
Shadow Guy Reboot icon
Monkey Stuffie Hand Item 150
Monkey Stuffie icon
Gamma Gal Reboot Body Item 300
Gamma Gal Reboot icon
Ancient Green Dragon Body Item 350
Ancient Green Dragon icon
Gold Viking Helmet Puffle Hat 400
Golden Viking Helmet icon
2 The Gamma Gal Head Item 200 May 20 No
The Gamma Gal icon
The Shadow Guy Head Item 200 May 21
The Shadow Guy icon
Big Game Catch Hand Item 75 May 22
Big Game Catch icon
Jelly Donut Plush Hand Item 75 May 23
Jelly Donut Plush icon
Bucket Hat Head Item 75 May 24
Clothing Icons 1196 Style 2013
3 Green Butterfly Wings Neck Item 200 May 27 Yes
Clothing Icons 3133
Blue Fluffy Stuffie Hand Item 150
Blue Fluffy Stuffie icon
Starfish Costume Body Item 350
Starfish Costume icon
Quasar Helmet Puffle Hat 400
Quasar Helmet
Rainbow Fro Puffle Hat 400
Puffle Care icons Head Rainbowfro
4 Rainbow Winged Helm Head Item 100 May 25 No
Rainbow Winged Helm icon
Red Pixel Glasses Face Item 100 May 26
Red Pixel Glasses icon
Popcorn Hand Item 50 May 27
Bell Hand Item 50 May 28
The Handy Man Head Item 50 May 29
The Handy Man icon


Members could also transform into other species. The available transformations are the following:

All the transformations were based on specific areas of the park. The Werewolf/Coyote for Tumbleweed Town, the Pirate Crab for Pirate Park, the Ultimate Mega Dragon for Ye Olde Castle and a Robo for Galaxy Park.


  • A total of 975 tickets were required in order to obtain all the items for everyone, and 3,975 were needed in order to buy all the items in the catalog.


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