The Fair Top 10
The Fair Top 10 - On Now Until Oct

The Fair Top 10 - On Now Until Oct. 2 Official Club Penguin

Length 00:48
Publish date September 28, 2012

The Fair Top 10 is a video by Club Penguin. It was published by Businesmoose on the What's New Blog during The Fair 2012, and features the top 10 activities of The Fair.


Top 10 Activities

  1. See the Great Puffle Circus.
  2. Have a ball (throwing snowballs at the Iceberg).
  3. Eat LOTS of pizza (at the Pizza Eating Contest).
  4. Draw a random picture.
  5. Play ALL the Fair games.
  6. Like circus igloos.
  7. Race bumper cars.
  8. Join a clown parade.
  9. Search for Rookie.
  10. Start a farm.

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