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The Glowing Ghost
Costume Trunk Feb 2011 6.png

Full Name The Glowing Ghost
Species Penguin
Gender Unknown
Position Actor
Appeared The Haunting of the Viking Opera
Color Unknown
Clothes Items Flashlight
Ghost Costume
Related To Unknown
Friends With Unknown
Meetable Character? No

The Glowing Ghost is a character of the play The Haunting of the Viking Opera. In the play, Moneek the costume designer puts on a white sheet and pretends to be the ghost "haunting" the opera until Helga's singing causes the prop-snow to fall on the ghost; incapacitating them. Bailey then pulls off the sheet to reveal to the rest of the cast that it was Moneek.


"A menacing mystery. If you thought it was bad when the audience yelled "BOO!", wait till you hear this spooky spirit."