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The Great Puffle Discovery
Puffle discovery Snow Forts.png

The Snow Forts, where the first puffle was discovered

Members only? No
When November 15 - December 14, 2005
Free Item(s) None
Location Various rooms
Mascot(s) None

The Great Puffle Discovery was a period of time in Club Penguin in late 2005 where fluffy creatures, which later came to be known as puffles, first appeared to penguins.


On November 15, small creatures first appeared in Club Penguin: a pink one at the Snow Forts, followed by blue ones at the Night Club and Ice Rink. The creatures popped out briefly if the player moused over an object in the room they were hiding in, those being:

  • The blue flag at the Snow Forts
  • The red wires connected to the speakers on the ceiling in the top-left corner of the Night Club
  • The left-most lamp post at the Ice Rink

In issue #6 of The Penguin Times, it is mentioned that after a week of rumors about there being strange fluffy creatures (which the newspaper writers initially "didn't take seriously"), one was captured, proving their existence. They were deemed to be safe and friendly. A few days later, on November 24, a second version of issue #6 of the newspaper was published. Further information was discovered about the creatures, and they are noted to be about half the size of a penguin and are not bothered by the cold environment.

Also in the second version of issue #6 of The Penguin Times, a contest was held to name the creatures. Entries were accepted by email, and whoever had their submission chosen would win 5000 coins. Entries were still being accepted in issue #7.

The naming contest from issue 6 of the newspaper

A few days later, more information was discovered, and was published in issue #7 of The Penguin Times, including: the creatures weigh 5-8 kilograms (11-18 pounds), are furry and top and smooth on the bottom, can jump up to 4 meters (13 feet), they can withstand extreme temperatures, and are happy as long as they are paid attention to.

In issue #8, after an "exhaustive search" of over 1000 entries, the name "puffle" was chosen. This name was submitted by the players Yolam08, Wafflepye, and Gronnie. At an unknown point around this time, green and black puffles were first seen as well.

On December 14, puffles started appearing en masse at the Snow Forts, and the game Puffle Roundup was released to help round them up. A few months later, in March 2006, the Pet Shop opened, allowing players to adopt puffles for the first time.


  • During this time, blue puffles were a darker shade of blue than they would later end up being.



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