The Great Puffle Switch

The cover of the book.
Date released March 4, 2010
Unlocks items? Yes

The Great Puffle Switch is a real-life book which was released on March 4, 2010. It is about an accident which causes you and your puffle to switch places.[1] This book has a flip animation on the pages, which shows a penguin morphing into a puffle. This results in a bizarre, penguin-puffle hybrid being shown. Also in the book you (as a puffle) are able to switch bodies with Bouncer.

The story of the book is that you and your green puffle have been switched, and must be switched back. There are two main branches to the story when you try to find Gary and he is not there; you can wait for him or search.

On the back it states:

"A magical event has occurred on Club Penguin: You and your pet puffle have switched bodies! See life through the eyes of a puffle as you go on amazing adventures, along with some new puffle friends. In the end, will you find a way to switch back to a penguin, or will you wind up a puffle forever? The choice is yours!"


  • The cover shows the following puffles: Red, Purple, Green, White, Pink, Yellow, and Blue.
  • The puffles you meet while you are a puffle if you choose a certain path are Elite Puffles.
  • If you flip to the back of the book, you can see that they have opposite clothing.
  • When you open the book and flip through the pages on the right side corner you will see the penguin changing into a puffle.
  • This is the fourth book in the "Pick your Path" series.
  • If the reader looks at the top left page corner, they will see a green puffle flying with a propeller hat.


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