The Great Snow Maze
The Great Snow Maze sign

Where North of the Ski Village
Opened November 27, 2009
Closed November 30, 2009
Mini-games None
Room ID 851–860
Tour Description
This is the Great Snow Maze. I've heard there are Yetis here! If you see one, remember to roar!
The Great Snow Maze has many twists and turns. But I think we're almost there! Are you lost? Maybe we took a wrong turn! Let's go back this way.
Were you looking for the Great Snow Race?

The Great Snow Maze was a members-only maze in Club Penguin. It was accessible from November 27 to November 30, 2009, and was considered the main attraction of the Winter Party. It was a large maze in the wilderness behind the Ski Village. Players had to traverse this maze to reach the Yeti Cave. The maze consisted of 10 rooms, excluding the Yeti Cave. When you were at a crossing junction, as shown in the picture above, you could only go past overlapping paths, example: you could not go north if you came east.





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