Great Storm of 2009 Dojo Courtyard

The storm, as seen from the Dojo Courtyard.

The Great Storm of 2009 was a weather event that started on October 11, 2009 and ended on November 2, 2009. The cause of the storm was smoke pouring out of the Volcano.


The Storm was first seen after the Volcano had started to pour out more smoke. The volcanic magma and the smoke started combining to form storm clouds in the sky, appearing above the Dojo Courtyard and Hideout. A week before the 4th Year Anniversary Party, the storm had advanced, and it could now be seen at all places of the island (not counting the underground). Gary the Gadget Guy had posted in the Club Penguin Times that the storm was indeed a lightning storm, and would hit the Island just in time for Halloween. When the party ended, the storm was seen only from the Cove Binoculars and the Beacon Telescope. And a week later, the Storm had completely gone.


  • This was the second 'Great' Storm - the first one was in October 2008 for the Halloween Party 2008.
  • If you clicked the sky, lightning would strike.


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