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The Journal of Captain Rockhopper
The Journal of Captain Rockhopper cover
Date released October 13, 2006
Found Migrator
(October 2006 – January 2008)
Book Shelf
(April 2008 – March 2017)

The Journal of Captain Rockhopper was a documented version of Rockhopper's adventures while he was exploring the seas. On April 25, 2008 it was placed in the Book Room's Book Shelf, where it could have been read at any time. Each time Rockhopper returned to the island, the journal would be updated with a new entry. Following Aunt Arctic's decision to give him a camera, photos (originally they looked like hand-drawn illustrations) were later added to the journal's pages.

Captain Quarter's Key[]

The Captain Quarter's Key was located at the back of the book for all players to obtain. It gave the player access to the Captain's Quarters and was also a pin that players could use.


  • It used to be an item in the game Aqua Grabber, during the time period when The Migrator was being rebuilt.
  • The Journal offered some descriptions of Rockhopper Island.
  • Since the journal was published and added to the Book Shelf, it could not be read on the Migrator anymore.
  • Some of the photographs taken by Rockhopper that were displayed in this book were also displayed on the Snapshots Background.
  • According to a tweet reply, Screenhog hid his initials in the original version of Rockhopper's journal.[1]





Names in other languages[]

Language Name
Portuguese O Diário do Capitão Rockhopper
French Le Journal du Capitaine Rockhopper
Spanish El diario del Capitán Rockhopper
German Kapitän Rockhoppers Logbuch
Russian Бортжурнал Капитана Рокхоппера

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