The Legend of the Gold Puffle
The Legend of the Gold Puffle
Date released April 27, 2007
Found Penguin Tales: Spring '07

The Legend of the Gold Puffle is the third story of Penguin Tales: Spring '07, written by a penguin named Icmer.


The story begins with a penguin who finds a gold puffle while mining for gold. This finding is published in The Penguin Times article, which is subsequently read by a different penguin named Icmer.

Icmer goes to meet the publisher of The Penguin Times, and tells him that the puffle is actually his regular, non-gold puffle, who had some yellow paint spilled on it. Icmer said that he intended to walk the puffle to the pool and wash it there, but the puffle broke free and dug a hole in the snow.

The publisher then returned the puffle to Icmer, who was kept in a cage in the vicinity of his office. Ever since that day, Icmer has been soaking his puffle in yellow paint, hoping it would make him a famous penguin.


  • The story was published 1 year before the release of Quest for the Golden Puffle and 6 years before the introduction of Gold Puffles.
  • This story may have inspired Club Penguin to add Quest for the Gold Puffle and the Gold Puffle itself.
  • Some penguins truly believe that a Gold Puffle was at the Mine that day, thinking Icmer's puffle was somewhere else at the time. Others argue that it was Icmer's puffle at the Mine.
  • Today, it could have been possible that the puffle near the Mine could have been a Gold Puffle all along, due to the release of Gold Puffles in November 2013.
  • The puffle in the illustrations is depicted blue, despite its true color never being mentioned in the story.


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