The Mystery Unfolds
The mystery unfolds
Number Mission 1
Characters You, Dot the Disguise Gal, Aunt Arctic, Coffee Shop Barista
From Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force
Games None
New Elite Puffles Bouncer
Special Places None

The Mystery Unfolds is the 1st mission in the Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force game. It is also the first EPF mission to ever exist. In this mission, after encountering a strange blue puffle in the Coffee Shop, you must find clues to a penguin named D, and find out what the EPF is.

Plot and ending details are in this section. Click "show" if you want to see them.

At the beginning of this mission, you start out in the Town. Aunt Arctic tells you there is a copy of the Club Penguin Times in the Coffee Shop, and you decide to go inside and read it. You take a break to read the news. You find an unknown blue puffle with a piece of ripped paper. The paper shows a cloud with snow, and a castle, and a signature with the name D. The penguin asks the Coffee Shop Barista if they know what the riddle means. The penguin shows the riddle to the barista. She tells you that you will have more luck outside. You go to the Snow Forts and you find a mysterious Snow Penguin. You see that it is giving you a funny look. You take another ripped piece of paper from its hand. You talk to a penguin near the Clock Tower. The penguin tells you that their hat got stuck on the Clock Tower's target. You get the puffle to throw a snowball at it, making the hat fall down. You give the penguin the hat. The penguin gives you Funny-Face Glasses. You go to the Plaza. You take another ripped piece of paper from the unusual mailbox. You then go to the Dock. You get another ripped piece of paper from the pile of inner tubes. You put all of the pieces together, forming a map leading to the Lighthouse. You go inside, and after touching the barrel in the middle of the room, D pops out and tells you that you found her. She introduces herself to you, and tells you the blue puffle you met is named Bouncer, and says she is pleased to meet you. You ask Dot how she knows your name. She tells you she knows a lot about you and they are giving you a test. She tells you about the Elite Penguin Force, and that most PSA agents don't even know about it. She gives you a Club Penguin Map. You go to the Dojo, and agree to join the EPF, and with that, you begin your testing to become an agent.


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