The Navigator
Navigator intructions

The Instructions of the Game
Players 1
Controls Mouse
Minigame location EPF Command Room, EPF Spy Phone (Previously)
Date released  ? (Field-Ops),
May 9, 2013 (Spy Drills)

The Navigator is a game available in Spy Drills. This game was also playable during certain Field-Ops.

Game Play

The game features a 12×5 grid that depicts a system, where each tile can be a walkable path ("shelf"), a wall or a void ("trap"). 3 of the tiles are corrupted, and the goal is to fix them by guiding a bot through them.

The bot can be moved by constructing sets of commands. Each set can hold up to 80 commands- which can be for rotating the bot left or right, or proceeding forward- and is executed by the order of the set's creation. The player wins if all corrupted areas have been neutralized. If a set has been fully-executed and this condition was not met, the player will have to construct an additional set.

If the bot bumps into a wall, it would fail to move forwards, thereby "skipping" the given forward command. If the bot walks into a void, or walks out of the grid, it would fall and lose the game. The player will also lose after 5 unsuccessful sets.



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