The Penguin Island Compendium
Date released Unknown
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The Penguin Island Compendium is a book owned by Lorna. It contains many mysteries, legends, and recipes about Club Penguin Island.

Myths, Legends, and Recipes

Merry Walrus Legend

It says that one day a mysterious stranger would save Merry Walrus from complete annihilation.

Megalodon Legend

Long long ago, Club Penguin Island was a dangerous and hostile place. Filled with monsters, deadly carnivorous plants, and questionable drinking water. One day, a tribe of Caveguins was ice fishing, when all of a sudden a giant shark appeared from under the ice and chased them away. After that day, no would could ice fish without it appearing. Facing starvation, a hero emerged from the rocks with the intention of vanquishing it forever. He summoned the beast and the creature opened his giant mouth and licked him. After all, the shark was lonely and just wanted to make friends. During one of their games, the Ice Age froze the shark along with all Caveguins.

Jelly, waffle, and sardine sandwiches

One of the many recipes in the book includes jelly, waffle, and sardine sandwiches.


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