Thingamabob 3000
Thingamabob 3000
Invented by Gary the Gadget Guy
Damaged by Herbert P. Bear
Located Gadget Room

The Thingamabob 3000 is one of Gary the Gadget Guy's failed inventions. It is related to the Thingamajig series which can be seen in Missions 4-9. The Thingamabob has only been seen once, in Mission #11: The Veggie Villain. Just like the Thingamajig, it too fails to do was it was built to do. When the curtain opens, a miniature corn field is held under a bright light. The corn pops into popcorn and scatters all over the floor. It may have been destroyed along with the Gadget Room, HQ, and Sport Shop during the Popcorn Explosion.


  • The Thingamabob 3000's failed purpose may have been a hint to how to get to Herbert if you complete the maze.

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