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Thinicetrobarrier level 1

Players 1
Controls Arrow keys (to move)
Spacebar (to shoot)
Minigame location Dance Lounge
Date released March 28, 2008

Thinicetrobarrier was a temporary game that appeared only during the April Fools' Party 2008. It is a combination of Thin Ice and Astro Barrier. Despite being a mixture of the two, it is the exact same as Astro Barrier, gameplay wise, with a few aesthetic changes, changing the start screen and the ships in the game to puffles. During the party, standalone Thin Ice and Astro Barrier were not playable.

Gameplay and secrets[]

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Thinicetrobarrier Blur Ship HQ

The secret puffle that replaces the secret blue ship.

  • The game was mentioned in the Games Trivia section during the Waddle On Party.
  • When hovered over in the Dance Lounge, the pop-up over the game machine was labeled "?????".
  • Although almost exactly like Astro Barrier, there are several aesthetic changes, including:
    • The text at the top of the game window reads "THINICETROBARRIER!". However, if the player runs out of lives, it changes to "Astro-Barrier!"
    • The ship in the start screen is changed from an Astro Barrier ship to a pixelated black puffle on fire.
    • A line of text is changed in the game instructions ("Press the LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys to move your ship." is changed to "Press the LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys to move your... um... puffle?")
    • The Astro Barrier ship the player controls is replaced with a flaming black puffle, as are the blue ships that lead to secret levels, being replaced with black puffles with blue fire.
    • The targets on the final Expert Level are replaced with Coin Bags.

Names in other languages[]

Language Name
Portuguese Barreiragelofino
French Chaud-astrotorpille
Spanish Barrera fina
German N/A
Russian N/A