• You know how they say that the Tusk had created the snowmen, and were evil all along? Well that is a ton of bogus, my friend. Before Snow-Jitsu Dojo has came out, the Tusk had captured all the snowmen in their hidden village, and forced them to put on the masks, which manipulated them to make them do whatever the Tusk told them to do.

    The Fire Ninja's Power Cards may look like they stun the snowmen, but they are really just waking up from the malfunction in the mask, from the heat. But soon go back to their manipulated form.

    The fire from the powercards are not hot enough to stun, as hot sauce weapons are nowhere near the temperature of flame. I would love to give you guys 2 photos of the masks malfunctioning, but I cannot as this wiki does not allow me to post photos.

    Enough said.

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    • No replies? Okay... :(

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    • omigosh i think u r right. they might be cursed. but not about the mask. lol.

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