• I've been playing CP since I was about 6 or 7. I'm almost 14 now, and in that time, I've witnessed the game get exciting and better, then watched it barrel downhill, and I've given up. Now I rarely play, I just hop back on every year or so to see what's up. So I'm just gonna get to the point: I feel that it's time to go to my mom and get her to deactivate my account, because I can't stand it anymore. But then again, I feel like I shouldn't, because CP was a HUGE part of my childhood.

    ...What do you think?

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    • Why do you want to deactivate your penguin? Personally, it's a waste of time and perhaps in the future you'll regret of doing that. Then again, I've witnessed the same thing as well.

      Sometimes I feel hopeless and that CP won't listen to us by decorating more rooms, using simple decorations and not overhauls, to reforce the security more, to focus their time into important stuff such as hacking, cppses, parties, cp app.

      Still, CP has been a huge impact in my childhood, and even in my life. I don't feel that moment of leaving the game yet, although I am afraid it's approaching.

      However, I am giving more time for CP to learn from their mistakes and succeed. I guess that's what you should as well.

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    • @The Jonie LOL!

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    • Anonymous Contributor
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