• Will it ever happen that they would be promoted as Mascots? Did Club Penguin Confirmed anything about them? If they do, put it here. If nothing is confirmed to them, then you guys should wait till anything is confirmed about them I got 2 reasons why Jet Pack Guy might be promoted as mascots in the future Search: Jet Pack Guy in the friend list, then it would say "(message) You must meet him in the island", same happened to Dot. Reason 2: If you type Jet Pack Guy in the username while registering, it would say "That penguin name is not allowed". They might alerting the username because they want to keep it so they can register with that account.

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    • So for Jet Pack Guy, there's a chance, because of the recent high activity and occurrences with him in recent months, plus he like you said, has a spot and message when you search him up in the Friends List. Jet Pack Guy may or may not become mascot either next year, or the year after that, I'm assuming 2016-2018 is the range of him becoming a mascot. Klutzy, I'm doubting, probably most likely to be used as Herbert's "pet", so in the slot of piffles, because him becoming a mascot is a bit unlikely. Rory has been quiet, and nobody really knows what happened to him, his last canon and confirmed appearance was late-November/early-December 2012, when he was given an appearance on the Newspaper, for the start of The Journey.

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