• Welp, here it is, folks. My first roleplay on this wiki in a year or two. This, like that Card-Jitsu X thing I made, is about Card-Jitsu, but instead of being a card game, this is supposed to be an RPG. If you would like to join, fill out the following: Name:

    Element (Fire, Water, or Snow. With New White or New Fusion, they will become Inferno, Wave, or Frost):


    Special Move:


    Health (can't be high):

    Attack (can't be high):

    Defense (can't be high):

    Speed (can't be high):

    After that, you'll enter as a white belt. After training, you will gain better belts that upgrade your stats and give you access to more elements. Those belts are:

    White: Starter element (No bonus)

    Yellow: Light (5%+ all)

    Orange: Earth (10%+ Attack and Defense, 5%+ Speed)

    Green: Life, Plant, just, whatever goes with plants, really (20%+ Speed, 5%+ Attack and Defense )

    Blue: Wind (25%+ Speed, 15%+ Attack, 5%+ Defense)

    Bot: Metal (5%+ Speed, 20%+ Attack and Defense)

    Red: Lava (15%+ Speed, 30%+ Attack, 20%+ Defense)

    Purple: Space (35%+ all)

    Brown: Time (50%+ all)

    Black: Shadow (100%+ all)

    Wata: Loafer (150%+ all)

    Fusion: All 3 starter elements (175%+ all)

    New White: Upgraded starter element (200%+ all)

    Rainbow: Time and Space (250%+ all)

    New Fusion: All 3 upgraded starter elements (275%+ all)

    New Black: Shadow of the Gods (500%+ all)

    Ultimate Fusion: Every element above (750%+ all)

    Sensei: Ultimate (1000%+ all)

    God: ALL elements this time (2000%+ all)

    And don't forget, every element has their own ultimate attack kinda like a Z-Move that does damage equal to your total stats, also not to be confused with your special move. Here's the list:

    Fire: Everlasting Flames

    Water: Tidal Wave

    Snow: Blizzard

    Light: Flash

    Earth: Earthquake

    Plant: Eternal Seed

    Wind: Tornado

    Metal: Giga Laser

    Lava: Eruption

    Space: Meteor

    Time: Your time is up

    Shadow: Eternal Darkness

    Loafer: Breadsplosion

    Fusion: Ultimate Elemental Strike

    Inferno: Blazing Inferno

    Wave: Whirlpool

    Tundra: Ice Age

    Time-Space: Universal Destruction

    New Fusion: End of the line

    Shadow of the Gods: Eternal Nightmare

    Ultimate Fusion: Nothing Left

    Ultimate: End of the Universe

    God: End of the Multiverse

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    • Name: Flamer

      Element: Fire

      Backstory: Flamer is the guardian of the Fire Dojo, protecting it from those who dare try to invade it. In reality, he's actually just a white belt right now, but soon that'll change. (Yeah, I know. It's kinda a crappy backstory.)

      Special Move: Blazing Blast

      Awakening: Blue Flamer

      Health: 150

      Attack: 150

      Defense: 150

      Speed: 150

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    • Name: ULScrub

      Element: Water (because saltwater)

      Backstory: So once upon a time there was this scrub who went on the internet and found a thread called "Card-Jitsu: Secret of the Elements" and then joined it

      Special Move: Stubal's salt

      Awakening: meme overload

      Health: 100

      Attack: 200

      Defense: 100

      Speed: 200

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    • Anonymous Contributor
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