• Hello everyone.

    We all know that Club Penguin is now gonna close for that mobile game that is "Club Penguin Island" and that is sad.


    Share your memories and goal of what you had with that game.

    (I gonna share them in the comments SoonTM)

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      It all started in 2007, When I was a little boy that saw Club Penguin on youtube, I gonna join it "I said", then I realized that you needed an email to register, and since I was a stupid little boy, I didn't touched Club Penguin for 5 years.

      In 2012, I saw my cousin playing Club Penguin and she said to me "Well, why don't you play Club Penguin" and I said "I don't have an email", then she used her email to make an account to me

      His name was Arte71, he was a dark colored penguin and his first part was Rockhopper's Quest.

      In the first 4 days, he got 100 stamps (thats kinda impressive) after that, one of his goals was to get (almost) every stamp on CP

      He also saw Black Puffle and said "I NEED THIS NOW" but then I realized that I dont have membership, then, his second and third goals was to get a Black Puffle and membership.

      Anyway, he was playing CP with his cousin and having fun.

      In the first 2 weeks, I tried to google "SOS Puffles" (Puffle Rescue in Portuguese) but then, I actually typed "SOS Club Penguin" and I found a blog called "SOS Club Penguin"... THAT HAD REAL TIME CHAT (Remember xat? It was that.)

      After 3 months, a new app got released called "My Penguin" and for some unexplainable reason I said on the chat "Does anyone wants My Penguin items? because I can get them if you want if I have your login" after realizing that it was a bad mistake and I would get banned... People actually shared their passwords... Yeah...

      I mean... people shared their accounts to a random strange from a random chat that nobody on there saw me on irl before... and they trusted me... EVEN THE CO-ADMIN SHARED HIS ACCOUNT. AND IT FELT AWESOME TO ME. People that asked for my help got their items and I never stole someone's account and after that day, I called myself "Black Pato (xat username) the Mobile Helper" and I felt proud for myself for 2 things: 1- I never stole someone's account 2- People actually TRUSTED ME

      After two years, I was still a fanatic Club Penguin player, having 190 Stamps and no Membership on Black Puffle but still logged daily

      In 2015 and 2016, I just kinda... I only logged on Club Penguin once in a month... I lost a lot of my interest in that game.

      I had a lot of good moments with Snow Ninjustsu and some good parties but well... they were just moments.

      During that time, I saw a game called "Toontown Rewritten", that game was my "Club Penguin" of 2015 and 2016

      And well... Here I am, in 2017

      I have now 238 Stamps

      I never got membership after 5 years

      And that means I never got that Black Pùffle.

      But I had a really really awesome experience and I thank Club Penguin for that.

      Thanks Club Penguin, you were one of my best "old childhood" games I had.

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    • I started playing CP on April 21, 2008. I saw my sister play it and I was very interested in it. I saw that she was at the Pizza Parlor on that moment and afterwards, she played Pizzatron 3000. I thought it was very fun so I asked her to show me about the game. After showing me it, I got my penguin created with the username "Phineas99", Phineas because at that moment I really liked to watch Phineas & Ferb; so much it became one of my favorite TV Shows when I was a kid back then. As for "99" I don't remember very well initially why. Though I think it was because I tried to type a random number at first and the initial name was already taken, so the penguin creation system suggested me that name, so I went along for the name.

      My first party was Rockhopper's Arrival Party. I loved to play Bean Counters back at that moment. I met Rockhopper, the first mascot I had met, in the beginning of May when I was waddling randomly at the Night Club, and, to my surprise, realizing that he was there dancing with other penguins on the dance floor. I was very surprised and happy and with no doubt, I claimed his background. At that time, I considered it as one of my best days of my life.

      As for the rest of the story, I have a lot to tell so I think it'd be best to write it in somewhere else and link the rest here. I feel really inspired and nostalgic remembering my 8 year old self...

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    • Memories: Many


      3000 years

      I have longed for the day that buoy 9 finally returns to me. The buoy allegedly made an appearance in a newspaper issue, but has never been found. If you find it, please let me know so I can stop wandering eternally. Thank you.

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    • Memories: A regret for not cherishing more of them.

      Goals: Have a classic CP re-experience with my best mates before shutting down.

      AND getting myself banned.

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    • The peak of my dumbness that i will never forget:

      1. During the 2009 Christmas Party, this dude in the lighthose said "WHERE YOU GET THE SANTA HAT" and then the game froze and it took me an hour to realize it before i refreshed
      2. When the 150th Newspaper Pin was released, i helped someone from the Snow Forts to find the pin. I waddled into the town, and he was still in the forts. Then i went back to check where he is, and apparently on the exact same moment he followed me to the Town. Then we both simultaneously switched rooms, then again... but eventually i was able to show him the pin :p
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    • I joined CP when there were a huge number of secrets to be discovered. I enjoyed attending meet-ups and I used to play CP with cousins as well. Goodbye CP.....It's not gone forever though. Club Penguin island is the next will probably have the same staff members and most of our fellow friends will surely come to CPI. Some good memories:

      • Meeting mascots for the first time.
      • Going on chat groups in which penguins track down mascots together. That was actually fun.
      • Creating my own CP discussions-related website.
      • Those times when I used to figure out how to find items and other stuff during a party without a cheats site. Believe me, at that time (2010-2011) it was actually difficult to find items, pins and other stuff in a party.

      Some failures:

      • Getting banned (due to a glitch of course)
      • Missing out the 3rd frozen party (just kidding)


      • I would visit all rooms on CP and give them all a sad good-bye.
      • Play all (or most of) the mini-games on CP.
      • Try collecting more stamps.
      • Try submitting some artwork for CP (I'm not such a good artist).

      Some mysteries yet to be solved:

      • Buoys. It is said that they are used to mark a path. Which path? But hey, buoys are also found on CPI.
      • What is Herbert upto after such a long time?
      • Rockhopper Island: is it real?

      Here we the next chapter of the Club Penguin Universe.

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    • Here we go, to the depths of the underworld. I started CP (im too lazy to write full name) a long time ago, thought it was pretty cool (of course i did, it was the first game i literally ever played) so i played it for a while and got addicted. started watching dumb youtube videos about CP and got bored with game. Came back while later, searched for pins and all that stuff, then the hype began (R O C K H O P P E R ! ! ! ! ! !) so i scrambled to my bro's room and we started playing together trying to find the key to rockhopper's quarters. good times. ahem, found roblox (after Kongregate, that site is still good) and then played it for the basically rest of my life. i regret it, because i never touched CP in like a year or two. a few days ago in my bunk bed my bro from above said "(cant say my name), did you know club penguin is closing?" im like O_O "WHAT!??"

      Forgot to mention that the day before the "cp is closing aaaah noo" thing i was on; and guess what? *gives time to think* Q&A said the original CP will stay there forever. Hmph, thanks Disney. Now I'm just playing on thinking why did disney ever buy CP

      going through lots of depression lately

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    • The Q&A said: "Don't worry! we are still here!". At the time when this Q&A page was created, the closing date for flash CP was unknown or secret. Anyway, CP has confirmed its closure.

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    • I began playing Club Penguin in 2009. This was because I saw my sister playing Club Penguin, and I thought it was a fun and neat game. I don't think I experienced any 2009 parties though, as I only logged on only when my sister was playing, but she rarely played the game. When she did play Club Penguin, there were no parties happening at the time. In 2010, my relationship with Club Penguin became stronger, especially when I experienced my first party - the Island Adventure Party 2010. 2010 was when I played Club Penguin a lot, even if my sister was offline. Seeing my first party, I was quite surprised when I saw the decorations, and I decided to explore the decorated island since I had no idea why this party even happened. That night, I had an adventurous and amazing time playing Club Penguin, and I knew that I had to keep playing this game in the future.

      Anyways, some of my Club Penguin memories are quite strange.

      • I remember roleplaying as Mario characters a lot during my time on Club Penguin, but I wasn't alone. Usually, I'd see some other penguins dressed as a Mario character asking for some other players to join them. I'd always join these players and roleplay with them until I cannot find them (we got lost during every roleplay.)
      • Another fun, but strange memory is the tuba army! We'd change our color to yellow, get a tuba, and go around the server to play the tuba. It was very fun, and I think this was because we were annoying so much players.
      • EPF roleplays! I always dressed up as Rookie, and we'd just hang out in the EPF Command Room and make sure "Herbert" or the RPF doesn't steal the files. Operation: Don't Let These Nubs Steal The Files was very fun.

      Some of my goals right now:

      • Tip the iceberg (even if I already tipped it like 10 times, you gotta tip it!)
      • Get my Card-Jitsu belts on my non-member accounts
      • Get my Card-Jitsu Snow pack
      • Have fun with my last days on Club Penguin
      • Waddle over to Club Penguin Island. It's going to be hard dealing with a closed Club Penguin, but we must continue the book!
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    • I remember that it took me a long time to figure out that in some servers you can and in others can't chat. I was so sad until I figured out I could actually buy clothes, lol.
      Sandwich puff

      My first puffle: Sandwich.

      I loved playing Cardjitsu and was so happy to get a black belt. I completed all the three power-thingies.
      Bluey smile


      I never bothered to collect badges. I was never a member, I didn't want to be one. There was never an actual goal, just to have fun.


      My penguin: Nyees.

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    • I began playing this game in 2011. I can't really remember what exactly what I did because I was so young and I have the worst memory, but what I remember the most was my sister and I enjoying this game. We went through events together seeing the excitement of other penguins, held our own party at the Dance Club, stuff like that. We were like best friends in that game.

      I remember when my worst fear was not knowing how to take someone's order. It was illogical, but I was really scared if I made a mistake. I remember when I wanted to work at the Pizza Parlor because other people were doing it and whenever I wanted to approach a table, I would have trouble saying, "May I take your order?" I don't know why, but little me thought I meant I was going to take someones food. I remember one day when I approached a table I finally decided that I would say those words. The person ran away and it haunted me for life and I decided to work at the coffee place instead even if I didn't know how to spell coffee. I'm pretty bad at English to this day. Another thing that scared me for life was the old Everyday Phone Facility test. The part when it started to lock the rooms was so scary for me I had my sister do it for me.

      My sister and I loved Card-Jitsu. My sister would be the master of water and would struggle on being a fire ninja while I was the master of fire and would struggle on being a water ninja. We would always argue on which element was better.

      I really miss those days because my sister doesn't want to play any old games we used to play anymore. I had the best moments of my life here. I will miss this game dearly.

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    • I began sometime in the early summer/late spring of 2009, right when the 101 Days of Fun party was going on, same as the Adventure Party. I really had a lot of fun there, and i remember going through a few rooms like the Dock, with that moving image of the safari. There were also quite a few other parties I really liked, such as the 2009 Fire Card Jitsu Hunt, which I remember the volcano glowing and such. I also remembered the 4th Anniversary Party, which honestly is my favourite just because of the amazing, flawless colour pattern and nostalgia.I even have the anniversary cake pin and the hat to prove it! Although 2009/2011 I have extremely blurry memories, as I didn't play all the time and the longer time passes the more you forget, I do remember some great parties like the Card Jitsu Party of 2011, Operation Hibernation, the Wilderness Expedition, etc....In 2012 I slowly began to participate more, and some of my favourite parties then were ones such as the Rockhopper Quest, Puffle Party, Medieval Party, Ultimate Jam and Adventure Party, but all of them I loved so overall 95% of 2012 was a fantastic CP year for me. 2013 I didn't really like because of the horrific, traumatizing new design which were ugly and deserve to be burnt and condemned; some horrific parties too, like the MU Takeover, which honestly was a terrible party. Despite that, there were a few parties that I enjoyed like the Teen Beach Summer Jam, the Holiday Party, and Operation Puffle. 2014 is one of the years I finally fully, concretely played CP, and there were a ton of fun parties then, like the Fair 2014, Muppets World Tour, Future Party and Music Jam for starters. Sure, there was also the horrible Frozen party which is like a horrible disease now, but it's water under the bridge (or poison under the bridge). the 2014 Halloween and Pirate Parties were also on point, but the Merry Walrus Party was mixed for me, and I was on vacation during most of its time, so I barely was able to collect all the items and enjoy it. 2015 was also another full year, and I'll go short on this one; favourite parties, Halloween, Holiday, 10th Anniversary, the Fair, Inside Out and the Fashion Festival, my highlights are especially when the Fashion Festival came as it was the first time I met Dot and I adored everything there. Finally 2016, realistically it was like the bane of my existence, the death of me, the plague of my continent, and so on, so on, but in game, it was very bipolar. Zootopia and Finding Dory I loved so much, I loved going around and roleplaying, the Music Jam was extremely amusing and wide, with some great items, while I just had a holiday blast in the final 2016 party. That's all!

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    • Mikmick wrote:

      I remember that it took me a long time to figure out that in some servers you can and in others can't chat. I was so sad until I figured out I could actually buy clothes, lol.
      Sandwich puff

      My first puffle: Sandwich.

      Too bad, you could have had at least 15 times more fun!

      I loved playing Cardjitsu and was so happy to get a black belt. I completed all the three power-thingies.
      Bluey smile


      I never bothered to collect badges. I was never a member, I didn't want to be one. There was never an actual goal, just to have fun.


      My penguin: Nyees.

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    • Joined August of 2008, over 3,000 days ago. I was a penguin of the day which was pretty lit and I'll never forget the people I met along the way. Shurow, Hey you.cp, sniffy bear and all the other real ones I met on the wiki. It's been real guys.

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    • My history of this game was back in 2007 I joined Club Penguin I thought it was the best game ever I remember buying the toys and books. Then in 2011 I started to lose my love to it I thought it was getting boring and lame then I started playing games like Roblox and Minecraft. In 2013 I went back to Club Penguin and it lost it Charm badly. Then when I heard they are closing it I thought it was kind of shocking. So I played it last night to pay my respects

      R.I.P Club Penguin 2005-2017

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    • Anonymous Contributor
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