• Do u hate it when you weren’t even born when the party hat was out...only way for me to get it is time travel.

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    • Well... i know this feeling when i read that a movie i saw once (doesn't have to be a movie but something like that) was released in early 2005, and then pondering about the implications of time travel: poking my old self in the shoulder and saying "hey, kid, go to the internet and visit"... But now when i think of it it would probably be a freakish encounter o.O

      So while some soon-to-almost-be US presidents talk about time travelling to kill baby Hitler, i think we penguins have better ideas.

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    • Why do that when you can time travel, invest in some good stock and then buy Club Penguin, thus preventing Disney from being able to shut it down.

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    • Anonymous Contributor
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