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The Tic Tac Code is a means for the PSA and EPF to communicate to each other without being detected. Examples of this are when G gives the player a message somewhere (usually during missions). Sometimes (though rarely), there would have been a hidden message using the tic-tac-code for all PSA agents.

EPF Agents can use a built-in device in their Spy Gadget to decode messages using this code.

The Director

The Director of the Elite Penguin Force, otherwise known as Aunt Arctic, uses the extra symbol in the code as her own signature. It is thought that the Director's symbol stands for "AA"- which is Aunt Arctic in short.


The code is represented as 3 different 3×3 grids, each with the next 9 letters of the English alphabet. The letters in each grid occupy all 9 cells by their order, from left to right and top to bottom, starting at the upper-left corner. Each cell has borders with the surrounding cells (up, down, left and right), and the Tic Tac Code version of a letter is based on which sides of the cells have a neighbour. Finally, each letter is given a symbol in the middle. The first grid (A to I) has no symbol, the second (J to R) uses an "X", and the third (S to Z) uses an "O".

Secret Code

Appearances in Club Penguin

  • On the bottom left hand corner of the Clock Tower at the Snow Forts, there was a code that said "By G." - this reveals that Gary the Gadget Guy built the Clock Tower.
  • On the paycheck you receive for being an EPF agent it says "Elite Penguin Force" on the bottom left, and on the top, there's a hidden message, that when rolled over and decoded says "From the office of the Director".


  • It is a variation on the real-life pigpen cipher- a code that was developed in the 18th century.
  • The signature of the Director of the PSA is the symbol that would come after Z. Some codes would make this symbol AA, or Aunt Arctic.
  • The Tic Tac Code is occasionally used on the Spanish and Portuguese versions of the What's New Blog, as part of challenges, where the first players to decode it successfully receive coins.


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