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The Top Trumps - Club Penguin is a card game featuring characters of Club Penguin. The pack contains 31 cards and was released on October 28, 2011, manufactured by Winning Moves. It comes with a code to unlock the Top Trumps Exclusive background.

Product Info

Waddle into the exciting world of Disney’s Club Penguin! Based on the online, interactive game, this Top Trumps pack features all of the major characters from the social-networking community. Compare the most famous pirate penguin, Captain Rockhopper to disastrous, genius super-villain Herbert P. Bear. Find out which penguin is the most intelligent and who’s the most mischievous![1]


  • Captain Rockhopper and Cadence both have the highest Fame value (10), while The Director has the lowest (1).
  • Gary the Gadget Guy has the highest Intelligence value (100), while Rookie has the lowest (13)
  • Sensei has the highest Special Skills value (100), while Bambadee has the lowest (37)
  • Herbert P. Bear has the highest Mischief value (20), while Petey K has the lowest (2)
  • Captain Rockhopper, Cadence and Yarr have the highest Friendship value (5), while Protobot has the lowest (0).
  • Despite Aunt Arctic and The Director being the same penguin, they have different statistics.





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