Top Volunteer
Club Penguin Top Volunteer stamp
Type Event → Party
Difficulty Hard
Members only? No
Release date December 16, 2010
Stamp ID 294
Description Give a 5,000 coin donation to Coins For Change

Top Volunteer was a hard difficulty stamp on Club Penguin. It is obtained by donating 5,000 coins to Coins For Change during a Holiday Party.


One way to have obtained this stamp is to click one category and click the 5,000 box. For penguins that did not have 5,000 coins, a message would appear saying you need more coins, but you would still get the stamp. This also worked for the Volunteer stamp and the Epic Volunteer stamp.



Names in other languages

Language Name
PortugueseVoluntário do Ano
FrenchSuper Bénévole
SpanishVoluntario del año
GermanBester Freiwilliger
RussianЛучший доброволец

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