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Trains were a form of transport that penguins used to get around Club Penguin Island during the Holiday Party 2013 for Coins for Change. Toy trains also made appearances as furniture items.

Green penguin riding The Holiday Express.PNG

Holiday Party 2013

Trains were used as transportation during the Holiday Party 2013 to retrieve coins scattered around the island. They could be purchased by members, and allowed other players to "join" the train, and be taken along. To have a player join a train, you had to dance while wearing one of the train items, and a small icon would appear above your penguin. Players joining a train had no control of their movement, but were still able to chat, use emoticons and throw snowballs. To leave a joined train, you had to open your Player Card and click an icon in the corner to leave the train. Trains could also be left by using the map or EPF Phone.

Types of trains