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Trash Compactor
Star Wars Takeover Trash Compactor.png

Where Death Star
Opened August 1, 2013
Closed August 15, 2013
Mini-games Infiltrate the Death Star
Room ID 863
Tour Description
This is the trash compactor. It's magnetically sealed... so please, no blasting. Don't mind the dianoga. Just leave before the walls come in.

The Trash Compactor was a party room in Club Penguin for the Star Wars Takeover. It had a big trash compacting pit taking up most of the floor, with a door on the right which led to the Tractor Beam and two elevators which led to the Elevators room.


  • Inside the compactor, there was a Rubber Duck, the rocking horse of the Lodge Attic, the Modern Art, buoy #4 and a pole.
  • A dianoga appeared here in random intervals, making noises.
  • The doors of the compactor would shut and the walls would close in every now and again.



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