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Tree Forts
Island Adventure Party 2011 Tree Forts.png

Where Above the Forest
Opened June 12, 2009
June 17, 2010
July 21, 2011
September 30, 2015
Closed June 16, 2009
June 27, 2010
August 5, 2011
October 21, 2015
Mini-games None
Room ID 899 (2009, 2010, 2011)
857 (2015)
Tour Description
Welcome to the tree fort! We have found a new type of bird! See what happens when you feed the plant snowballs.

These are the Tree Forts, a great place to hang out with your buddies and talk about your adventures! The plant to the right eats snowballs. Feed it and watch it eat!

The Tree Forts (formerly known as the Tree Fort), was the party room during the Adventure Party. It was for members only. It looked pretty much identical to the Treetop Fort from the Medieval Parties and had a free item, the Tropical Bird. A feature of the room is a tropical plant that grows when penguins "feed" it snowballs. It keeps getting bigger until at the end it burps and returns to its original size. The Tree Forts returned in the Island Adventure Party 2010, almost identical to its previous appearance. This time the free item was the Marooned Outfit.

In the Island Adventure Party 2011 this room was open for everyone, although there wasn't a free item, but instead a challenge. Players had to memorize the order birds chirped in, and replicate it on a set of drums. If the player guessed correctly enough times, they would receive the Old Key Pin.

In the 10th Anniversary Party, it returned with the same design from the Island Adventure Party 2010 with some minor differences including the removal of the Marooned Outfit, a note representing from what party and month the party room is from and a tour guide recording.


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