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Scientific name Triceratops horridus
Similar creatures Dinosaur, Pteranodon, Tyrannosaurus
Appeared Prehistoric Party 2013, The Penguins That Time Forgot, Prehistoric Party 2014, Prehistoric Party 2016
Predators Tyrannosaurus, Utahraptor
Prey Plants

Triceratops is a species of ceratopsian Dinosaur that members were able to transform into during the Prehistoric Party 2013, Prehistoric Party 2014 and Prehistoric Party 2016.

Factual/Scientific Information

  • They are known to have lived on Club Penguin Island, Dinosaur Island and in the Midwestern United States.
  • They lived during the Late Cretaceous period of the Mesozoic era, 68-65.5 million years ago.
  • It looks more detailed and scientifically accurate at the Prehistoric Party 2013, whereas the frill and claws looked different in other appearances.
  • The Triceratops in the game resembles Torosaurus, a close relative of Triceratops. This could be because some consider Torosaurus to be an adult Triceratops, a hypothesis that has been recently put into doubt.
  • Their name means three-horned face, but the exact species, Triceratops horridus means horrid three-horned face.
  • They are 9 meters (27 feet) long and 3 meters (9 feet) tall.
  • They seem to have some feathers or quills along their back. This is may have based on the fact that an early relative of Triceratops, Psittacosaurus, was discovered with quills, though it is unknown if Triceratops had them as well.


  • In the Prehistoric Party 2013, there are 4 Triceratops eggs: Orange, Aqua, Lavender and Red. The Red is the biggest of them.
  • In the Prehistoric Party 2014, there are also 4 Triceratops eggs: Brown, Aqua, Purple, and Yellow.
  • They resemble rhinoceros'.


Prehistoric Party 2013

  • Aqua: Watch out for this territorial Triceratops-it will charge any enemy, regardless of size.
  • Orange: This Triceratops is heavier than 23 cavenguins. Also noisier.
  • Lavender: Though generally a peaceful creature, it can crush titanium when it's angry.
  • Red: This dreaded red Triceratops is known to knock down mountains for fun. For FUN.

Prehistoric Party 2014

  • Brown: Charges at anything red
  • Aqua: A peaceful giant
  • Purple: Doubles as trash compactor
  • Yellow: Horns are named Ooga, Booga, and Boo



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