Tube Transport
Invented by Unknown
Damaged by Herbert
Located EPF Command Room
Destroyed tube transport

The Tube Transport after Operation: Blackout

Tube Transport

The Tube Transport as seen from the VR Room.

The Tube Transport was a transportation tube, located in the EPF Command Room, and was used to access to the VR Room. Another Tube Transport was located in the VR Room which would transport you back to the EPF Command Room. After The EPF Rebuild, the EPF table, chairs, and TV sat in place of the Tube Transport.


As part of Operation: Blackout, Herbert destroyed the Tube Transporter along with the Field-Ops Screen. The hole in where the Tube Transporter was later was covered up in The EPF Rebuild.


  • It appears on a Card-Jitsu Card.
  • If you walked into the Tube Transport in the EPF Command Room and quickly walked out of it, you would still be transported to the VR Room.
  • It is based on a circuit of pneumatic tubes. However, since the penguin becomes a flash of light before loading the next room, it is possible that before being transported, the penguin is turned into energy to be sent quicker, and re-materialized once it arrives to the end.


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