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Where Space
Opened November 4, 2015
Closed March 30, 2017
Mini-games None
Room ID 437
Tour Description

The UFO was a room in Club Penguin. It was accessible by being randomly abducted at most outside rooms. When in the room, players could not move off of a small square platform (as nowhere but the spawn area was valid movement space), and would automatically be sent out of the room in a few seconds. This was also the UFO Observatory during Operation: Crustacean, where players could move more freely.


There were a total of 11 rooms from which penguins could be abducted. An abduction took place in a room once an hour, where each room had its own time in minutes for an abduction. When abducted, a green beam appeared from the sky, lifting one of the penguins in the room and sending them to the UFO. Upon being abducted for the first time, players would receive the Tinfoil Hat.

The abduction time in minutes can be expressed as $ 5n + 4 $, where n is 0 or a positive integer that is unique to a given room (in other words, starting at HH:04 and with intervals of 5 minutes). No room, however, had an abduction at HH:34. The following are times and the corresponding rooms where abductions would occur:

Minute Room
04 Snow Forts
09 Plaza
14 Forest
19 Mine Shack
24 Skatepark
29 Cove
39 Ski Hill
44 Ski Village
49 Beach
54 Dock
59 Town

Sound effect

Abduction beam
Rooms UFO abduction sfx



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