The new Ultimate Safe Chat toolbar after the 2011 updates.


The old Ultimate Safe Chat penguin's toolbar before the 2011 updates.


"Ultimate Safe Chat" is a Club Penguin chat mode where penguins select phrases to say from a menu instead of typing in whatever they want (so typing errors cannot get them banned). This is to avoid the unlikely event of swearing and inappropriate words getting through the filter. The phrases are split into many different categories. This mode is only on certain servers. It can be hard to communicate when an Ultimate Safe Chat user is talking to a Standard Safe Chat user.

Usage on moderator accounts

Moderators such as Billybob and Gizmo use the Ultimate Safe Chat when they appear as Billybob or Gizmo. They use their spare accounts to use the ordinary chat, such as Mace and Vader2006.

Parents Opinions

Parents praise the Ultimate Safe Chat mode, as they view it as even safer way to communicate with other penguins. Parents often say that whenever their child plays Club Penguin and uses the Ultimate Safe Chat, they can be assured that their children are in safe hands.

Players Opinions

Players generally receive it well, citing that their safety is assured. However, penguins also criticize the fact that Ultimate Safe Chat users cannot see what ordinary chat users are trying to say, making it hard to communicate with them. Another thing is that one question on safe chat mode is, "What's your puffle's name?" It is a problem because penguins can't say the name with Ultimate Safe Chat.



Several servers that are circled are Ultimate Safe Chat servers.

Ultimate Safe Chat users can usually be found in Servers designated for them. Most of them are in the servers made for them as they can communicate easily. Very few Penguins using the safe chat go to other servers not designated for them. It is also hard to tell whether a person is using Ultimate Safe Chat when they go into ordinary chat servers. One of the most popular ultimate safe chat servers is Tea.

On June 10, 2010, all Servers were Ultimate Safe Chat, this was because the Club Penguin team was working on the Standard Safe Chat servers. This was also in response to a lot of cheaters who had found a way to say bad words - even on Ultimate Safe Chat servers.


  • According to Spike Hike's Tweet, there will be a private chat feature coming sometime in 2013. Not much is currently known about it. (Though this never happened in 2013, it assumed to be coming in 2014)
  • There was a glitch where if you entered with an ultimate safe chat penguin onto a normal server, the player was allowed to speak freely with the Standard Safe Chat. This glitch no longer works.

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