Underground Diner
Loading screen Island Central

Opened July 12, 2018,
October 17, 2018
Closed August 8, 2018,
Still open
Character(s) Herbert P. Bear and Klutzy (Waddle On Party only)
Where? Island Central

The Underground Diner is a room in Club Penguin Island, located underneath Island Central. It first opened during the Summer Splashdown and then it was closed until Halloween 2018. It was confirmed that it would be kept permanently.[1] It is a restaurant that includes several booths, a counter, and the Inflatable Octopus. Players can also use the Vending Machine here.


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The following non-portable gear can be used here.
Image Name Location
Gear Cooking Kit icon
Cooking Kit Behind counter

Quick Chat messages

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The following location-specific Quick Chat messages can be used here only during the Summer Splashdown.
  • Can I help you?
  • Right this way
  • What can I get for you?
  • One pizza coming up!
  • Can I speak to the manager?
  • What a strange place for a diner
  • Looks like Franky's got competition
  • What an incredible smell you've discovered


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Name Soundtrack
SummerSplash2018 EXTREME DoigtsAgiles
CPI SummerSplash2018 EXTREME DoigtsAgiles
SummerSplash2018 EXTREME LaRueDrude
CPI SummerSplash2018 EXTREME LaRueDrude
SummerSplash2018 EXTREME LeParcDePlaisir
CPI SummerSplash2018 EXTREME LeParcDePlaisir
SummerSplash2018 EXTREME LesTempsDesCeries
CPI SummerSplash2018 EXTREME LesTempsDesCeries
SummerSplash2018 FrenchAvenue
CPI SummerSplash2018 FrenchAvenue



Halloween 2018

Waddle On Party


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