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Underground Pool
Underground Pool.png

Where Underground
Opened May 26, 2006 (Members)
May 29, 2006 (everyone)
Closed March 30, 2017
Mini-games None
Room ID 806
Tour Description
Ever seen an underwater pool? Well now you have! You can swim laps... or enjoy the undersea life that passes by the windows.

The Underground Pool (formerly referred to as the Cave) was a spacious underground cavern, located below sea level. It featured a swimming pool, large windows that provided a view of the underwater, and a ladder leading up to the Plaza. There were also entrances to other underground areas; a door leading to the Boiler Room, and a tunnel leading to the Mine.


This room was first discovered at the Underground Opening Party. At the time, there was no pool. The pool, as well as a "NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY" sign, life ring, and kickboards were added during the Sports Party. During the Summer Kickoff Party, a lifeguard chair was added. When the party was over, the no lifeguard sign was removed, but the chair remained.

The kickboards laying against the wall became a darker color in 2011. Throughout the year, they switched between their original light coloration and new dark coloration multiple times. By 2012, the dark coloration was kept permanently.


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  • During most Puffle Parties until 2013, the Underground Pool becomes the "domain" for black puffles. It is transformed into a mini skatepark, with lots of graffiti, chalk drawings, and banners. There are shutters over the windows, and pressing a button next to the ladder closes the shutters, darkening the room, and causing the black puffles in the room to produce fire.
  • During Medieval Parties until 2013, the room was transformed into a treasure filled cavern, with piles of coins, along with various other treasures. Crystals protruded from the walls. In 2009, a large gate leading to the Ye Knight's Quest was added. In 2010, there was a second door that led to Ye Knight's Quest 2, and in 2011, a third was added, to Ye Knight's Quest 3.
  • During most Music Jams, the pool section is replaced by the Floor Piano 3000. Some balloons and ribbon were hung up as well. On the wall, there was a switch that allowed players to toggle between only the player being able to active the piano keys, or all players being able to active them.
  • During Halloween Parties, since 2007, the Underground Pool is converted into a "slime pool" with the water in the pool being replaced with slime. Pumpkin Lights hang from the ceiling, and, occasionally, jack-o-lanterns carved like fluffies can be seen "swimming" in the water, seen through the windows.


  • During the Underground Opening Party, there were speakers, colored lights, and a banner that read "MEMBER PARTY"
  • During the Sports Party, the pool was added, and there was a sign saying "NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY" by the ladder, as well as a life ring on the left side.


  • During the April Fools' Party 2007, there were a few cardboard boxes.
  • During the Summer Kickoff Party, there were surfboards, lanterns, and Bamboo Torches here. The lifeguard chair was also added, being a permanent addition.
  • Prior to the Water Party 2007, a crab broke the glass in this room, causing the room to flood. The water was later drained, resulting in said party. During the party, after the glass was replaced, there were sandbags blocking the water flow, and hoses to drain the water.


  • During the Water Party 2008, there was a demonstration about how the glass was broken prior to the Water Party 2007. The demonstration was shown from outside the windows, operated by gears.
  • During the Penguin Games, swimming here was one of three events at the party. There was a podium by the windows, and various screens showcasing swimmers.
  • During the Fall Fair 2008, there was a giant purple and yellow colored carousel with Fluffy, Mullet, and a white horse on it.
  • During the Christmas Party 2008, the cave was frozen over, while the aquatic life that usually swam by floated by in ice cubes.


  • During the Adventure Party, the room was decorated like ancient ruins. Pillars, large ferns, moss, and statues were found here.
  • During the Festival of Flight, the glass on the windows were removed, and were boarded up instead. Various construction materials were lain around, some even floating in the pool.


  • During the April Fools' Party 2010, the glass windows were replaced by regular windows. There were also red and white balloons and banners. Additionally, the life ring on the wall was placed on the opposite side of the windows, and was also upside down.
  • During Sensei's Water Scavenger Hunt, it was flooded nearly up to the ceiling, due to rain water pouring down from the Plaza as result of The Great Storm of 2010.



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Names in other languages

Language Name
Portuguese Piscina Subterrânea
French Piscine Souterraine
Spanish Piscina subterránea
German Untergrund-Pool
Russian подземный бассейн


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