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Underground Tunnels

Where Throughout the underground
Opened June 24, 2008
Closed Unknown
Mini-games Amazing Maze
Room ID None
Tour Description
Were you looking for Mine Tunnels?

The Underground Tunnels are an expanse of tunnels dug by Herbert P. Bear using his Earthquake Driller. The player must navigate through here in PSA Mission 8: Mysterious Tremors. The tunnels are very dark and mazelike, and without a map and proper lightning equipment, it is very likely to get lost. The entrances to these tunnels were presumably sealed after the mission ended, as they were no longer accessible afterwards.

In Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force: Herbert's Revenge, instead of navigating the tunnels, they must play the Amazing Maze game to get through.


  • This tunnel also went underneath the Gift Shop, which caused it to fall into the ground.


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