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Unlockable coins
500 Coins non unlock
Is it seen right now? Yes
Type Unlockable items
Party None
Where? Unlock Items Online

Unlockable coins are a returning redeemable, available from various codes, or the Treasure Book, which they appear in every edition of. The amount of coins that is received varies depending on the source.

Unlock methods[]

Treasure Book[]

A bundle of 500 coins appear in the back of every edition of the Treasure Book. Treasure Books themselves are available through coin codes from real-life merchandise.

Solitary codes[]

Over the years, many codes that unlock varying amounts of coins have been released. These vary from 100 to 5000 coins. A list of these codes is available here.


An alternate option in Unlock Items Online allows for entering words from real-life books. These come in the form of asking what word is on a certain line on a certain page. 1500 coins are available from each book, although coins can only be received from a book once each. The first time a player enters a correct phrase, they receive a Blue Book instead of coins. A list of these codes is available here.