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Go figure.
— 1joshuarulesThe1joshuarulesIcon.png

Me in my normal outfit.
Penguin's Name 1joshuarules
Favorites Look down at my favorites section
Member? No
First Pin Scorn Crest Pin
Famous Penguins Met Cadence (4 times),
G Billy (1 time),
Franky (1 time),
Petey K (1 time),
Stompin' Bob (2 times),
Rocky (1 time),
CeCe (1 time),
Rockhopper (2 times),
Yarr (1 time),
Rookie (3 times),
Herbert P. Bear (1 time),
Businesmoose (18 times),
Spike Hike (5 times),
Polo Field (10 times),
Gary the Gadget Guy (4 times),
Loustik005 (5 times)
Billybob (1 time)
Sensei (2 times)
Lolz (1 time)
Aunt Arctic (32 times)
Daffodaily5 (2 times)
Puffle Handler (3 times)
Federflink1 (2 times)
Date Joined Wiki November 9nd, 2012
Date Joined Club Penguin May 18th, 2012
Admin? Not yet . . .

Hello everyone! 1joshuarules here, and this is the page for you to learn all about me and my penguin, 1joshuarules.

About My Penguin

I, 1joshuarules, joined Club Penguin on May 18, 2012. I am currently a non-member, and have a lot of stamps, and a growing number of pins. I also have five puffles: Benny, a blue puffle, Samuel, a red puffle, Toby, a green puffle, Brian, a black puffle, and Garret, a brown puffle.

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