aka GreatPumpkin

  • I live in club penguin
  • My occupation is playing with my puffles
  • I am a male penguin

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About me

Hey what's up, i'm Greatpumpkin or just pumpkin for short. I love to help people out on the wiki and off. So if you have any questions just leave a message on my talkpage. Now to the fun stuff! I have been to every party since the Music Jam 2011 and like to mix up my outfit so you will never see me in just one but I have to say my favorite items are the Blue Ball Cap and the Green Hoodie. I am usually on the servers abominable, blizzard or sleet if you want to see me. I'm always up to a good time and a party. And still have plenty of space on my buddy list. Here are some more favorites of mine. My favorite mascot is Rockhopper, my favorite game is Find Four, my favorite room is the Ski Lodge, and my favorite Party is the Holiday Party 2012! So explore my userpage a little more and I hope to see you soon!

~UPDATE!~ I have left the Wiki as of August 12, 2014.

My Penguin

My current player card.
Penguin's Name Great pumpkin
Favorites see about me (left)
Member? yes 5 levels
First Pin my favorite is the forest pin
Famous Penguins Met all of them!
Date Joined Wiki October 26, 2013
Date Left Wiki August 12, 2014
Date Joined Club Penguin September 10, 2010
Admin? No
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