• I live in Earth
  • My occupation is Freelance editor/cinematographer
  • I am Male

Oh god why. Why did I ever play this? Jesus Christ


August 8th 2013 --- I have quit Club Penguin. It got really awful and I quit officially in July 2009. Do not attempt to bring me back. I quit for good. Auf wiedersehen


P.S. I brought back an old revision of my page from early 2008. Goodbye, my friends.

Update: I have a new wikia account. I'm half-back. I no longer play Club Penguin, but let me know if you would like to attempt to contact me through a different medium, such as Steam or ROBLOX. By the way, is Barkjon still around?


September 21, 2007-June 6, 2009 (I didn't get banned. I just quit)

April 26, 2012 - Wow, this brings back memories. I've long since realized how sh*tty Club Penguin has become and the cash cow it is. ROBLOX is no better, I realized, and I officially quit ROBLOX February 8, 2012.

Waddle on, guys.

Csasow / 6spongey98

____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Whoa. This is my own page, right? Neat. Anyway, I am 6spongey98. That is also my name on Club Penguin. I am best friends in real life and CP with the amazing jppenguin2. I am normally on Frostbite. Oh, one more thing, don't forget to say hi if you see me, Jppenguin2, Lego Luke 95,and thats pretty much it!

About 6spongey98

I am a penguin who has been on the island for over 100 days. On my island, I was known to be sailing off to other islands. But one day, sometime in late September 2007, my ship, The Swift Sponge, hit an iceberg and had to abandon my ship. I was sailing to Club penguin Island to give free stuff and collect stuff for my island. When I came, I took my map of Club Penguin. I swam to an iceberg. I saw many penguins on it. One penguin said, "Welcome to Club Penguin Island.". I replied "I made it!". Now, I sometimes sail back to my island on my new ship, The CP Wonder. Once, on a journey to get ice chunks, I stopped next to the Migrator. I warned Rockhopper to watch out for icebergs ahead. Sadly, one iceberg was to fast and hit the Migrator. Currently, I am awaiting training to become a ninja. --6spongey98 08:31, 2 January 2008 (UTC)

CP Jobs

  • Pizza Parlor waitor
  • Coffee Shop worker
  • Puffle Catcher
  • Gift Shop Advertiser
  • Tour Guide
  • News Reporter
  • Leader of SPA
  • Spy
  • Security Guard
  • Founder and guitarist of the CP Wonders
  • Guitarist of the Cp Wiki Band
  • Awesome Surfer
  • Iceberg Tipper (its fun though!)
  • Puffle Owner
  • Save the Migrator worker
  • Pizza Parlor Owner
  • CPWiki editor
  • Pie Thrower (i dont care if u cant throw pie!)
  • Rockhopper Tracker
  • Stage Actor
  • Switchbox Master
  • Agent(oh really?)
  • Party decorator
  • worker for the Snowball press
  • snowball maker
  • ACP ENEMY!!!!
  • Igloo editor
  • CPIP tester
  • movie Director
  • Ninja Hunter
  • Pizza maker
  • gift shop cashier
  • gift shop advertiser
  • guitarist
  • painter
  • pizza eater
  • coffee drinker
  • Hydro hopper boat driver
  • glitch finder
  • cp member
  • snowball thrower
  • gift shop shopper
  • sport shop cashier
  • sport shop advertiser
  • CP police officer
  • seller of rockhoppers stuff
  • sailor
  • puffle lover
  • stage builder
  • aqua grabber pilot
  • waddler (duh!)
  • mancala player
  • find four player
  • viking
  • easter egg designer
  • Uncle Antarctic
  • easter egg hider
  • coffee shop bean counter
  • Ice fisher
  • cove lifeguard
  • pool lifeguard
  • cart surfer
  • builder
  • Dojo Digger
  • Future Ninja

Wow, 75 jobs for one penguin to do, SOOOOOOOOOOOO busy!!! I normally have free time so look for me on Mammoth,Frostbite,Half Pipe, or Tundra! -6spongey98

Notes from the desk of 6spongey98

Notes to self

  • Don't doubt penguins saying where Rockhopper is
  • Be nice or get ignored
  • My pass:


  • Remember to film ClubSpongey TV episodes
  • Ask Barkjon to join CP Wonders as drummer soon

Notes to CPWiki

  • Remember I am lazy


  • jppenguin2: A really cool friend in real life and CP.
  • Lego Luke 95: A friend like jppenguin2
  • Jba 95 95: Lego Luke 95's brother
  • Lil Abed Jr: An old Club Penguin user.
  • Super Abed: A friend who I see at times
  • Tommy9078: A friend who is known to be well...... friendly?
  • Wayside344: My little sister
  • Wowie9986: My other sister

Barkjon ,User:Polo890,and Fluffin Stuf: Do you know who they are? I have other penguins on it, but I guess I am too lazy to do that!

The Cp Wonders

I have a band. It is currently under development, so ONE person can enter as drummer. Here are the current members :)

-6spongey98, guitar

-jppenguin2, guitar

-Lego Luke 95, maracas

- ?????????, drums




  • blue32blue- A penguin who is just plain mean. I've been tracking him for months but I never found him.
  • Mumma Lumma, Jessa Harris, and Ironscales- Three penguins that I found on Blizzard Jan. 1 2008. They said.... you do not want to know........ I am very serious.
  • Ninja X- A hacker who did special dances without clothes and everyone saw it. He also did moves that cannot ever be done on Club Penguin.

Content Deleted <--- That may have been a message for me about the whereabouts of evil.

My Puffles

Black: Shadow

Listen up, I may be his first puffle, but I am modest about it. I don't brag about it to the other puffles, though spongey does feed and bathe me first, it's cool to be the first puffle. I am sorta wondering about what happened to his older puffles.....

Green: Happy

I guess I am very happy at times, I do like the April Fools Part 2008! It's my favorite kind!!! I do admit I am sort of jealous of Shadow, he got to pick his spot in the igloo for his bed. The others didn't get to pick! I should have picked the skateboard........flames are cool........sigh.

Blue: Splat

I am the most loyal to Spongey, as whatever he tells me to do, I do it! I am his third puffle. It is fun to be able to do all sorts of tricks with balls. I am sorta jealous of Shadow still.

Yellow: SpongeBob

I am honored to have the name of Spongebob, it is SOOOOOOOOO close to my owner's name. I love it when Spongey takes me to the Book Room. I sit there and stare at the artistic quality of the art in there. If only I was there during the Festival of Snow.... so much art.....

Pink: Patrick


Translation: Wow. Hello I'm Patrick and I'm Spongey's newest puffle. I drink coffee for my athletics and helping my master with recovering treasure in Aqua Grabber. Bye!

What happenned to my other puffles?

Good question! During CP WWII, I barely went back to my igloo. I did go back very shortly at times to gather supplies at times. The longest time was when ACP breached a fort in my igloo. We had a short battle before taking it on to the Dojo, the Undergrouns, and the Snow Forts. Not many ACP soldiers were there, I was with some volunteers, so SPA's militia overpowered the ACP's small amount of soldiers. So, I was not able to help during the time. They ran away late February 2008. Now that ACP is falling, I can feed my puffles more.

My Igloos

  • Blank
  • Casual
  • Disco
  • Christmas
  • Nightclub
  • Airplane
  • Restauraunt
  • School
  • Secret Base for cp security
  • Erm, other stuff......


  • Paddleball pin
  • UFO pin
  • Needle pin
  • Holly pin
  • Wreath Pin
  • Snow Shovel pin

Other pins to Book pin, even wheel.


That's my army!



ARGH! This user has seen Rockhopper


Rockhopper Tracked for the 40th Time

Finally!!! After a while, I have tracked Rockhopper again! I saw him on North Pole, UK. We paraded a little bit when we mostly stood around and talked. I should thank that penguin for saying "ROCKHOPPER AT THE ICEBERG" Don't doubt those penguins all the time!

6spongey98 9:35 May 3th 2008


ARGH Sdas01 is copying me page!! Need help!!!


5:43 May 10th 2008

Photo Gallery

My Club Penguin Top 10 Wanted List

1.Herbert P Bear 2.Klutzy the Crab 3.blue32blue 4.Mumma Lumma 5.Jessa Harris 6.Ironscales 7.Glooenguard 8.Rockhopper (I like finding him) 9.Yo Antonio (hey!) 10.fano


My native language is English, because I was born in the USA. I also speak a little french and german :)

en This user is a native English speaker.

The Return of 6spongey98

Hi guys! Im back! I quit the wiki and I might quit it again. I just need to see who here actually misses me! So, yes, Polo890 is trying to get me back and i decided "Well I should give it a shot!"

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