A Random Gravity Falls Fan

  • I live in a place where you can easily watch Gravity Falls
  • My occupation is watching Gravity Falls
  • I am a fan of Gravity Falls

Hello, <insert name here>! Welcome to my user page.

Yes. I know your name. Hehehe...

Name: A Random Gravity Falls Fan (Random)

Penguin Name: Zeno124

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite TV Show: Gravity Falls (obviously)

CPW Join Date: July 22, 2015

Club Penguin Join Date: 2008

Red Puffle1

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7/10/16 - 7/16/16: What was your opinion on the Finding Dory Takeover?

The poll was created at 22:19 on July 12, 2016, and so far 1 people voted.

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