Welcome! Absorr is my user names to MANY places. I am on other wikis, like Homestar Runner Wiki, Newsboys Wiki, and more! I own Newsboys Wiki too! I am a BIG fan of Homestar Runner! If you too like Homestar Runner, there is a section in my talk page.

Me on the Club Penguin

On the Club, i'm user Absorr. I'm not a member, and I have one red puffle (see Absorr's Puffle). For more info on my Club Penguin user, read the text in these sub-cattigorys!

Absorr's Puffle

I have a Red Puffle named Guy. He NEVER EVER left! He's my first puffle. He loves his Cannon and his Bowling Pins.

I also have a purple puffle named Purple. I bring him to the Dance Contest every time I play it. MORE TO COME

My Personal Buddy Policy

I will not accept any buddy requests unless you post on my talk page that you want to be buddies with me, and give me your Club Penguin name, server you want to meat me in, and time (PST). Or I just know you.


I like Thin Ice, I compleated Jet Pack Adventure, and I like the Employee games, exept Puffle Roundup. I also like the Ski Hill slopes!

Card Jitsu

I am an Orange belt. I'm like a pro on it. I win most of my rounds. Most of the time. It is one of my favorite games! One of them. I don't really have a favorite.

Where to find me

You can find me giving tours, playing games, with friends, or in the Dance Club (which I am in often). For more on me at the club, see the section below, DJ Absorr.

DJ Absorr

You an usually find me at the club, whether I am in the contest, or being DJ Absorr! I like to mix up waves and dancees to meke fresh, awesome moves! I like to encouege people to DANCE IT! I will say things everyonce in a while, like "DJ Absorr is not impressed," or "DANCE IT LIKE YOUR FLIPPERS ON FIRE!"

My Player Card

Color:I'm a red penguin.
Background: Splash

Pin: lilly

The pin I might have right now.

Other: none


This is just other stuff I like.

Homestar Runner

I have all 5 Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People eppisodes. I've seen all toons and sbemails, even the 2 hremail secret pages. I love to keep a picture of SBCG4AP on my desktop! I'm the seccond picture on Fan Costumes '08. If you have any questions refering to that pisture, please post on my talk page on Homestar Runner Wiki. Use either Absorr or Absorr...Too. I will put in links some other time.


'Toon: No Hands on Deck
SBemail: Love Poems
HRemail: hremail61
SBCG4AP: 8 Bit is Enough
Game: Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People (WiiWare)
Song: The Cheat is Not Dead (album version)

Webs (formilly FreeWebs)

I have my own website on it. Check it out! It is called School Weekly. No it is not about school, I couldn't think of another name. Check it out at [1]! Learn more about Webs here!

Think Tanks and

I play this thing called Think Tanks, learn more here! I also play Think Tanks and other GarageGames on!

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