Agent Paige

  • I live in CP Island
  • I was born on April 22
  • My occupation is Kicking it up a notch
  • I am A lonely agent
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About me

G'day,mates! It's been a while since the puffles are gone! G and I are solving the problem about this!BTW,take care of your little cuddlings!

EPF news: Herbert.Kidnapped.Puffles. Save them before they get hypnotized.I' m countin' on you. Report Complete.

About my Penguin

All about me!

Name:Agent Paige

Occupation in CP:Boss and Puffle Handler

Three words that describe me:smart,caring,funny

Friends with:Gary,Aunt Arctic,Puffles(They're so cute!),Sensei,Rockhopper,Jet Pack Guy,The Penguin Band,and Rookie

My lucky charms:My trusty cute puffles!

Why Do I Love Puffles:They're so lovely,adorable and so cute,I'm so obsessed with them.They are also crazy in one time.

And so goodbye till the next report! and again,G'day mates! :)

Be the true you!

Lloyd 7

Gotta get Gold Puffles right now!-PH

My favorite pages

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Agent Paige is female.

NAME Agent Paige's penguin is called Melissa31407.

My contributions

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