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Hello everyone, I'm Agent Unknown and Welcome to my Userpage!

This user is currently blocked. The latest block log entry is provided below for reference:

  • 15:42, November 11, 2020 Kallie Jo (Talk | contribs) blocked Agent Unknown (Talk | contribs) with an expiry time of infinite (account creation disabled) (Saying 'Hello')

About me

Hi I'm Agent Unknown, my home wiki is the CP Pookie Wiki as an anonymous contributor, I just got an account really, i hate pookies and they need to stop.

About my Penguin

My penguin was created on October 17 2013, I had a previous account in 2008 but it got banned forever and I never did anything wrong (which is why I hate disney), I absolutely loved the Puffle Party 2014 as you could transform into a puffle, hang out at cool places and get new igloos, ny favourite hangout was the forest and we had loads of fun there.

Just Like The Old Times

My contributions


To become an admin

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