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yes another one,

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|-|All About me =
You know,
— Airpenguin74
Ik (I know)
— Airpenguin74

Airpenguin74-I'm a replaced user of Gumballfan21 because it's pass is broken ;( But I'm here to replace it!

About my penguin

Aston98067 my penguin in CP
My penguin
Penguin's Name Aston98067
Favorites CP & CP Wiki
Member? No but soon
First Pin The fish sandwich thing, pin
Famous Penguins Met None ;(
Date Joined Wiki October 9 2012
Date Joined Club Penguin 2008
Admin? No

About me

well you can see when i joined the wiki,

What I like

  • CP Coin Codes
  • CP Memberships
  • Winning a competition :p
  • Wreck it ralph!

What I hate

  • Silent comedy - Like Tom & Jerry show
  • Pookies
  • Banned in chat
  • Being banned all the time
  • My dad switching channels ;P



Pin tracker

2021 Updated Pin Tracker
No pin found!
Loading_Arrows.gif Club Penguin has been discontinued.
Thank you everyone for playing and making it a great one!
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My clothing

Usual me

  • Head item Any hat I want to use
  • Neck item Hicking pack/Amulet
  • Body item Some Hoodies
  • Hand item bracelet
  • Feet item None


  • Head item Any hat I want
  • Face item Smoke goggles/Agent glasses
  • Neck item Op Blackout
  • Body item Op Blackout
  • Hand item Op Blackout
  • Feet item Op Blackout

Team I'am part of the "Guides" team

The Guides team


  • GÖŠÜGÁR!Airpenguin74 (talk)WIR Icon Gloyd.jpg Since, now! ;)

My Tracker

It's just a tip section lol, okay I like to be on Abominable, Blizzard, Ice berg, Sleet, Alaska, Alpine and Zipline.

|-|Moved pages=


  • CPActivities.png
  • CPAwards.png

|-|Quiz!= Pick one



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Time Zone Pacific Mountain Central Eastern Atlantic <acronym title="Greenwich Mean Time">GMT</acronym>
Standard 07:15 08:15 09:15 10:15 11:15 15:15
Daylight 08:15 09:15<acronym title="No DST in Arizona, use Standard">i</acronym> 10:15 11:15 12:15 16:15

Characters I can use in Roleplays


  • The Mighty dragon (The dragon with black sunglasses)
  • Derpy Hooves (The silly pegasus pony with glasses)
  • Bubbles the orange bird (He is an orange bird that wears 3d glasses! OOH! 3D!!!)
  • Gloyd (The most sweetest and fastest of them all(Not rlly)! He wears the Aviator glasses)
  • Frost bite (IK he's not in the pic but I can use him to RP)

120px 120px

(The pic penguin with the candy is Gloyd ;)