Anime Cutie

aka Fun9876

  • I was born on April 6
  • I am Feamale

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Anime Cutie
New Fun

Full Name Anime Cutie
Species Penguin
Gender Feamale
Position Coffee Shop Waitress
Appeared Everywhere
Color Brown
Clothes Items Any Hoodie :)
Related To  ????
Friends With Anyone:)
Meetable Character? Of Course!

About Me!

Hiya! My name is Anime Cutie but my penguin name is Fun9876. I am super friendly I love meeting new people I am glad to add anyone who wants to add me! I love CP I joined CP in December 2013 right after Operation: Puffle but before Holiday Party 2013. I take pics from my tablet I also waddle around on my apple laptop. I met Gary and Aunt Arctic I wish to meet more mascots (My favorite is Rookie) I also attend Mod Mondays when I can. Some people ask me about this group called EPF? I know nothing about that I heard its a secret organization and I shouldn't tell... Oops I told! I work at the coffee shop. I save up the money for an acting career at the stage XD. I am a master of disguise that's why I buy male items from penguin style. I pretend to be a boy. I just love CP I want to be CP moderator when I get older. I will upload more pictures of my igloo and all my disguises soon. (I am a master of disguise) XD


Club Penguin


I named him Frosty!

Fun Prom

My prom dress!

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Thank you everyone for playing and making it a great one!
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