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  • I live in England
  • I was born on June 26
  • My occupation is Eating cake
  • I am a cake lover!!
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Penguin's Name Apj26
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Famous Penguins Met All of them :D
Date Joined Wiki 13 February 2012
Date Joined Club Penguin July 18, 2007
Admin? Yes

About Me

Hello <insert name here>, I am Apj26, I am a Bureaucrat on this wiki and have over 8,000 edits here. I am from England, UK and joined Club Penguin in 2007 during the Water party. If you need any help contact me here

My Contributions

I have over 8,000 edits on this wiki and make many contributions to pages, mainly user pages and articles. I am active on chat alot but this does not count as a contribution.

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  • my 1st one ~Apj
  • my 2nd one EEK you know it is Apj
  • My current one Surprised Emoticon you know it is Apj InterfaceShape52

About my Penguin

I joined Club Penguin on July 13th 2007 during the water party. Since then I have met every single mascot and most mods on Club Penguin.

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