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Date Joined Club Penguin January 15, 2010
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-Party Hat.svg HappyNewYear! Party Hat.svg17:52, January 2, 2014 (UTC)

About my Penguin

Hi! My name is Arthur(aka Tuio1212, my penguin). I joined CP in the beggining of 2010, and i still remember this day like it was yesterday. My first friend was Mari1236. I couldn't add her because she had a full buddy list, but i remember that she was purple and had the Aurora Background. We met in the Arcade. There wasn't any special event at this time, and i've lost 4 pins, because i didn't found them. I didn't made too much things in the Cave Expedition, because i wasn't a member. My sister joined in the same day, but at night.

First year

In 2010, everything was new to me, and that was my favorite year. I enjoyed almost all the parties, and in February i've made a membership. I really liked the Puffle Party, and the Penguin Play Awards. The epic fail in 2010 in my opinion was the close of the PSA. I used to love that agency, the missions, the HQ, i miss it most! The PSA was very better than the EPF. That field-ops are cool at the beggining but they start to get boring later. Also, i miss the sports shop. But, i really liked the Earth Day 2010. The renovating of the Mine Shack. Sadly, they changed it again. The only famous penguin i met in 2010 was Rockhopper, in The Fair 2010. It was also nice the storm, the Celebration of Water and the Mountain Expedition. 2010 was a great year to me.


I also enjoyed 2011. The Medieval Party of this year was better than the one from 2010. The Wilderness Expedition has been my favorite expedition. Adopting a free Brown Puffle and exploring CP's wilderness was great. Unfortunatelly, i've missed the ¨6th Year Birthday Party, and the hat. I din't met any famous penguin this year, but it was a good year.


Things started to change quickly in 2012. Sponsored parties, Renovation, some parties have new designs. In most of them, the old ones were better, but Medieval Party 2012 was my favorite. I've got the Party Hat from the 7th Anniversary. Then i've discovered that Billybob was quiting Club Penguin. i got a little sad with that, because he was a great Manager. Also, i miss Happy77, and her blog posts.


Lots of parties are sponsored this year. i will let the year finish to continue.

My favorite pages

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Characters: 12/12

Party: 18/24

Activities: 29/35


Aguagrabber: 17/20

Astro Barrier: 10/12

Card-Jitsu: 7/10

Card-Jitsu - Fire: 4/8

Card-Jitsu - Snow: 19/21

Card-Jitsu - Water: 4/8

Cart Surfer: 7/12

Catchin' Waves: 10/22

Ice Fishing: 10/10

Jet Pack Adventure: 17/18

Missions: 22/22

Pizzatron 3000: 7/10

Puffle Launch: 4/12

Puffle Rescue: 15/27

Pufflescape: 10/11

Smoothie Smash: 12/16

System Defender: 14/14

Thin Ice: 7/9

Treasure Hunt: 5/5

Video Games

Game Day: 8/14

Pins: 122/255

Famous Penguins met

Rockhopper real penguin new.png Arthur121999 has seen Rockhopper! Arrr!!

Gary New Style.png Arthur121999 has seen Gary the Gadget Guy!

RookieHawaiianShirt.PNG Arthur121999 has seen Rookie!

Aunt arctic 2013.png Arthur121999 has seen Aunt Arctic!

Cadence2013.png Arthur121999 has seen Cadence! Dance 'til you drop!

Herbert P Bear.png Arthur121999 has seen Herbert P. Bear!

PuffleHandler5.png This user has seen Puffle Handler!

Sensei elements.png Arthur121999 has seen Sensei! Congratulations, Grasshopper.

Old Party Hat.png Arthur121999 has seen a Beta Tester!

Mod Badge.gif Arthur121999 has met at least one Club Penguin Moderator!

My Puffles

  • Iceberry
  • Poofiee
  • Green Snow
  • Ice Spike
  • Lily
  • Iceblack
  • Ms Bubblegum
  • Snowball
  • Iris
  • Prisma


YellowTeam00.png This user is from the Yellow Team!

Hacker-Ninja.jpg BEWARE! Arthur121999 is a Ninja!!!! Behold their awesomeness and TREMBLE!

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Red Tour Guide.png Arthur121999 is a Tour Guide on Club Penguin!

EPF Logo.png
Arthur121999 is an Elite Penguin Force Agent. Thanks to this penguin, Herbert's plans are always spoiled!

Snowflake12.png Arthur121999 likes snow!

Snow Beta Hat icon.png Arthur121999 has beta tested Card-Jitsu Snow!

Rockhopper with Yarr In-Game.pngSensei real.png This user has completed all of the 2005-2010 quiz! They are very intelligent!

Yay! I Won Batreeqah's 2012 Quiz!

Award Show.png Arthur121999 passed Phineas99cp's 2013 Quiz Part #1

MUTakeoverScreenshot27.png Arthur121999 passed Phineas99cp's 2013 Quiz Part #2

MedievalParty2013Screenshot.png Arthur121999 passed Phineas99cp's 2013 Quiz Part #2

My Favorites

CPRP.png This user finished the Rare penguin QUIZ 2012!



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