About me

Hello fellow peguins! My penguins name is Star 13 17 so if you see her around SAY HI. NOW. I am happy to be an editor! I am still new though but hope to be well know around this site!                      


My current look.


Famous Penguin sightings

  • Aunt Arctic:1
  • Sensi:1
  • Rockhopper:6
  • Fano:2
  • Lux1200:3
  • Tooly228:2

My favorites

  • Free item: Red and Black sailor shirt
  • Member item: Blue flower flip-flops
  • Place: Beacon
  • Party: Fall Fair 08                                                                            

The author of the CP times.

* Famous Penguins: Happy77 and Aunt Arctic

  • Puffle color: White
  • Colors: Peach and Yellow
  • Game: Puffle Roundup and Dance Contest
  • Servers: Crystal, Ice Palace, Arctic, Alpine
  • Backround: Twelth Fish Backround ( day and night)
  • Pin: 150th Newspaper Pin

My templates and awards

Auntarctic411 is female.
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