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— Barkjon
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— Barkjon, fake angrily

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? Barkjon is currently either eating, sleeping, watching a movie, playing Club Penguin, playing OneMoreLevel, watching TV, playing Xbox, editing this wiki, reading a book, skateboarding, riding his bike, driving somewhere, playing with his friends, or doing Tech Decks.

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Barkjon: The best thing since Sliced Bread. SO SAYS TURTLESHROOM!

Yo! I'm Barkjon! (a.k.a. BJ or Bark) I'm a bureaucrat on this wiki. I am a master Card-Jitsu player, surfer, and Cart Surfer. I think Club Penguin rocks, and I play almost everyday. I am a member in Club Penguin. On February 4, 2008, along with TurtleShroom, I was made a webmaster here by Robbsi, the old one. I'm 727 days old as of May 6, 2009. I have every pin starting with the first ruby and ending with the newest one.

See you in Club Penguin!


Best Friends

My absolute-without-a-doubt best friends here are TurtleShroom and Sharkbate.

TurtleShroom, because:

He was the first user to welcome me here, made me a sysop, is always ready to forgive me, and is a great friend to me!

Sharkbate, because:

He's really really nice, smart, funny, totally cool, and a loyal friend. Sure, we've gotten in a fight before, but we forgave each other. He rocks!

Alternate Account

My alternate account is Barkjonaa, for use only when I can't remember my password or I remember it but it doesn't work.



I love puffles. Here are mine:

  • Red:Skippered
  • Red:Reddie
  • Black:Ace
  • Black:Shadow
  • Green:Kipo
  • Yellow:Boomerang
  • Blue:Azule Arrow
  • Purple:Fluff (in honor of friends Fluffin Stuf and Fluffy 21)(has run away)
  • White:Frost

Their bios

Here's my puffle's bio's, from their point of view.

  • Skippered: Yo! I'm Skippered, Barkjon's first and probably favorite puffle. I don't know why, but the other puffles and many penguins call me mischievous, a trouble maker, and a smart aleck. I'm a master at surfing, but I'm pretty lonely.
  • Reddie: Hello. I'm Skippered's twin brother and I like surfing too. However, I'm much more quiet and I like to read. I really want to go back to Rockhopper Island and see my buddies there. I've written a few books, and I'm working on one right now.
  • Ace: Hi. I'm the skater of BJ's puffles, but I'm pretty shy. Occasionally I get in trouble, and I'm usually blamed for the things Skippered does. I've helped Barkjon numerous times on his agent missions.
  • Shadow: Hi! I'm the brother of Ace, and Barkjon thinks I am the shyest puffle ever. Barkjon says he's never heard me make a sound, though I have. I've applied for the role of the black puffle in Thin Ice, but that's something I'd never, ever, do. However, I'm very good at camouflage and hiding, and, after one of Skippered's pranks on me, I jumped on him and held him hostage for several days. That rocked!
  • Kipo: Alighty. Hi! I'm Kipo. I'm very energetic and fast. I love flying and one time I snuck on Barkjon when he went to Jet Pack Adventure. That was so awesome, except for the time when I fell of. Luckly, I got my propeller cap on in the knick of time. However, I have a lot of bad luck.
  • Boomerang: Hello! I'm the yellow puffle of Barkjon's gang, and I love art and books. One of my favorite places in Club Penguin is the Book Room, to look at art and read books.
  • Azule Arrow: I'm Barkjon's second puffle, and undoubtedly the most loyal one. I love BJ! Skippered and I are sorta good friends, but we fight a lot. I like basebal and many sports, but not as much as my buddy Kipo.
  • Fluff: Fluff was absent when these interviews were taken, as she had ran away.
  • Frost: Hi...I'm the new guy around here. Skippered and Kipo sometimes pick on me because I'm small, but Reddie, Ace and Shadow are my friends. I think Barkjon is cool. I really like going to the Dojo and watching penguins play card-jitsu, and using the snow card.

High Scores

My Igloo

My igloo is strange... its part music/rock, part puffle place, part living place. Click on picture to see it bigger.


Chat Box



See also: User:Barkjon/Buddies.

Rude People

  • Flappers250 and Pluetoe: Two very rude penguins who chased Fluffin Stuf and I everywhere.
  • Coolcat557: You don't want to know what she did. Seriously.

Friends on the wiki

Famous Penguins seen

My Penguin's Life

  • Full Name- Barkjon Waverider
  • Born- Island far away from Club Penguin (actually Tierra del Fuego)
  • Occupation- Surfer, photographer, and musician
  • Location- Club Penguin

Barkjon the penguin was born on an island far away from Club Penguin. His hobbies were drumming and surfing. 7 or 8 months ago, Barkjon went with one of his friends on a surfing expedition. Sadly, Barkjon and his friend almost got drowned when a huge wave went over them. Barkjon almost drowned, but he saw his surfboard come up from the water and he grabbed onto it and fell asleep. When he woke up, he was at the Cove with a lifeguard. She said ,"There's a surf tournament starting soon. Wanna go?" Barkjon said yes. At the very end of the tournament, Barkjon and another surfer were coming into the finish line. Just a foot before The other surfer reached it, Barkjon jumped and made it! For a couple weeks, he was very famous. He and his red puffle, Skippered, won other surf tournaments. Then one day, a storm came to Club Penguin. Because they were so worried, the other penguins forgot about Barkjon. Then one day, the news headline said,'Drummer Missing from Club Penguin Band!' Barkjon traveled all over to find the Band, and, when he found them, he asked them,"I heard your drummer is missing. Can I join?" They agreed, and a couple days later Barkjon played in his first show. After a couple of shows, G-Billy was found again and Barkjon had to leave the band. However, Barkjon still drums in his band, The Pengu's. If you want to hear him or his band play, go to the server Half Pipe from 4:00-4:30 PST. As well as playing instruments a bunch, he also works at the Coffee Shop, serving hot coffee and cocoa to customers. Years later, after Barkjon landed at Club Penguin, he heard rumors of this penguin, stealing surfboards from un-expecting surfers. So Barkjon went to check it out, it was his friend who was on a surf expedition with him. His friend went back to his igloo and they live a quiet life (except for drumming) at Barkjon's igloo with their puffles. On May 15, 2008, he got hired as a photographer for The Penguin Times. So all the pictures you see in there were taken by him. He is also a surfer for a Pro Surfing Team. In October of 2007, he started going to server Half Pipe the most.

Page's I edit

Let's say, I edit any page that pops up on the recent changes list. But I love editing:


Some of my fake jobs include:

  • Lifeguard
  • Waiter(In Pizza Parlor)
  • Security(In Pizza Parlor)
  • Guard
  • Karate Master(In Dojo)
  • Librarian
  • Seller of Rockhopper's stuff(in the Migrator)
  • Big time pro surfer
  • Drummer in millions of bands!
  • Coffee Shop worker
  • Pet Shop worker (with Fluffin Stuf)
  • Defender of my friends (just ask me to!)
  • Secret Agent
  • Pro Surfer

Jesus Loves You!

Jesus Loves You!

"Every word of God is flawless; He is a shield to those who take refuge in Him." -Proverbs 30:5 (The Holy Bible)

"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, for who ever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life." -John 3:16 (The Holy Bible)

Rockhopper Pictures

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