Greetings, earthlings, I have returned!


Hi I'm Beaky! I'm a member of the P.S.A., Team Blue and I'm searching for Pen chi the ninja trainer.

Finding me

If you want to find one of my penguins, I'm normally on Beaky, in breeze, ice tooth is quite hard to find though, but if you do see him say hi!


What should the next puffle colour be?

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Are you a Ninja?

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Are you an Agent?

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Beaky4444 Stuff

Normal Appearence: A P.S.A. suit or a blue team uniform

Residence: Club penguin island

Favourite igloo: Garden igloo

Status: Ex-Member

Proffesion: P.S.A. Security guard

Previous proffessions:Puffle breeder, Pizza parlor owner.

Hobbies: Cooking

Favourite room: H.Q.

Ambitions: Become Director of the P.S.A..

Pets: Mouthy333 (A blue puffle), Seth (A blue puffle), Blooo (A blue puffle), Mr Bean (A black puffle), Galdey (A yellow puffle) and Pinky (A pink Puffle).


  • P.S.A. Guard. (Pay: 400 coins)
  • Team Blue Player. (Pay: 900 coins per game)
  • Evil Genius (Pay: 2500 coins)

IceTooth11 Stuff

By the way IceTooth isn't actually an enemy of the P.S.A. but I heard a rumour amoungst agents about an evil penguin called IceTooth, I found that he didn't exist but decided to make a penguin named after the rumour

Normal Appearence: Dark blue, sometimes black or light blue.

Residence: somewhere in the wilderness of club penguin

Favourite igloo: unkown

Proffession: None

Previous Proffesions: Agent

Hobbies: Unkown

Favourite room: unknown

Ambitions : Rob the Royal Bank of Club Penguin ( which doesn't exist)

Pets: Mammoth ( A blue puffle) and Neanderthal ( A blue puffle)

The Blue Team

The Blue Team is my favourite of the Teams and I am participating in some games this year and maybe, I'll win some medals.


I actually did compete and win a medal!


Mouthy is a very healthy puffle who was named very diferent to her owner, Beaky4444.


Seth loves going for walks to the forest.


Blooo doesn't enjoy walkies much, he prefers to stay at home and watch the racing.

Mr. Bean

Mr. Bean, dispite his name, is a very clever puffle who was bred to be an agent's puffle and often attends meetings with me.


Galdey was a gift to me, they said she was a gold puffle, I soon discovered that she was actually yellow.


Pinkey, like Galdey was a gift to me, she is very funny and enjoys scuba diving.


Ice tooth bought Mammoth so he could have some company, but he prefer the name Mammuthus, however that is taken.


Ice tooth decided to get another puffle with an ice age name, First he tried Coelodonta but that was taken, next he tried Homo Neanderthalensis, which was too long, so he tried Neanderthal.

Pages I created

  • User:Beaky4444
  • Free items (but then it was deleted)
  • Pen chi (but then it was deleted)
  • Club Penguin Wiki: Top Agent
  • Club Penguin Wiki: CPWTA Newsletter issue 2
  • Jobs

Top Agents

Please join the top agents, for more information click the link to Club Penguin Wiki: Top Agent. My codename is Agent One


Click here to go to the weird page.


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EPF Logo Beaky4444 is a top agent of the EPF.

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Big ben Beaky4444 resides in England.

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I Beaky4444 will be a good, responsible, and respectful penguin. I will go to at least 2 meetings and try to be at wars. I will never betray the army and join our enemies. I will be a frequent user at the wiki.

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