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Because im a perfectionist NO BAD GRAMMAR IN THE COMMENTS
Fennekin victini by inkysky-d5rflzu


About me


Welcome to my Wikia Profile!

I Love you! (its easy to get me to love you)

AS im writing im listening to the derp song so DERPITY DERP

About my Penguin

My Penguin name is Kiwi86285

And im No. 1 Fan of The Festival Of Flight




NAME Beanie the Victini's penguin is called kiwi86285.
Male Beanie the Victini is male.

My contributions

Bragging rights

  • Best in my school at spelling
  • Sweg
  • Oldest in my school
  • I'm rated 8 out of 8 M8 I'm gr8 m8 those e8s are OVER 8000 so no h8
  • Im a member on cp
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