aka Blackout03

  • I live in Penguin Zone Island
  • I was born on October 16
  • My occupation is Designer on Penguin Zone
  • I am Male

Blackout03 is an awesome Club penguin user who has had many club penguin accounts

  • one with every party hat (forgot the name xD) (After second party hat)
  • Hidiho03
  • Krafters
  • Krafters03
  • Rendrag
  • Rendrag03
  • Blackout03
  • Hidiho
  • and Many More

He has a YouTube Channel you can access HERE.

RIP Club Penguin Re-Generated.

He thinks Club Penguin Rewritten.

He Despises of Rockhopper.

His favourite mascot is Aunt Arctic.

Than it is Rookie.

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